Apartment Reviews for Country Park Villas Apartments in Mesa

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1248 South Vineyard, Mesa, AZ, 85210
(480) 478-8759


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I've lived at Country Park for over 11 years. On the whole I've found the managers and maintenance people to be very good. Compare the overall ratings of these apartments with any others, regardless of the price, and you'll know why so many residents are happy living here. Sure, the kids can be noisy at times (what kids aren't) but this is a family friendly complex. We have a beautiful swimming pool, a playground, lots of trees and flowers, and the location is incredible. One block from bus route 61 and 112. One mile from light rail. Every fast food restaurant known to man within walking distance. Goodwill, Bookman's, a .99 cent store, Sports Exchange, MVD only one block away. Just up the street from Fry's, Wal-Mart, Costco and Winco. Some apartments have washers and dryers, but there is also an on-site laundromat. When the first W-D's were installed any resident could request them. The apartments were all remodeled in 2012-13 with new appliances, granite counters, new A-C units and carpeting in the bedrooms. My one complaint is that they replaced the carpeting with wood floors. So the noise factor between upstairs and downstairs increased substantially. The apartments are one block west of Country Club, on a quiet street with relatively little traffic. US60 is four blocks south for quick access to the freeway. There are elementary, middle and high schools within walking distance. Mesa Community College is a mile away, on Southern. This is my longest review, but I very much recommend Country Park Villas. This is an ethnically diverse community with a lot of pluses and few minuses. CPV's scored a 3.8 in customer satisfaction. Compare that to other local apartments in the area. By the way, Banner Hospital is just down Southern and there are every kind of medical specialists within a few blocks.

Living here for almost 2 years and love it! Community is clean and quiet, maintenance is very diligent with the requests, and management as well. Only issue I have is with neighbors who break the walk-in gates, because they put other residents at risk. Highly recommended!

I have lived here 6 months , and I just have to say it truly is amazing finding a complex where you have great neighbors and attentive office staff. The Manager Ana, truly is so helpful and understanding, the landscaping is well kept up, the clubhouse is available to rent for functions. It is beautiful and fits a good amount of people. Over all it truly is not a bad place to live . With cameras on the property and in the parking lot it makes for a safe setting .

Overall a nice place to be. The grounds are kept clean (as best they can due to children constantly littering),there are lots of trees/well kept landscaping, management and maintenance are friendly, and neighbors are nice or generally keep to themselves. Dog waste bags are provided and there is a water dispenser on site. I think the only complaints I have are residents not parking in their assigned spots and instead using handicap spaces, and also my bike was stolen.

Very nicely remodeled apartment great management I have enjoyed living here and nice to walk my dogs

The apartment grounds and atmosphere is fantastic and way above average. I read some of the other feedback and one should remember these are apartments and management can not address concerns unless you tell them. You will not be disappointed moving here. My best advise is if you have issues with other tenants or your apt, talk to the front office as they will address your concerns and report back to you. What more can you ask for than beautiful place to live and apartment management that actual responds to your concerns!

I love calling these apartments home. They are beautiful, well kept, and management is outstanding and is really looks out for you if ever needed ! I will for sure renew my lease!

I've lived here for almost 11 years, always have had a good experience with maintenance and the current manger here is great!

I've lived in these apartment for 8 months and my entire experience with this apartment community and property manager has been absolutely wonderful. I had to go through a situation with an ex where I had to involve Mesa PD and I had fantastic support from my property manager through the entire process. The property manager here truly cares about her tenants. Wonderful place to live. Interior of the units have been beautifully upgraded.
Great Place to Live!

I absolutely have nothing bad to say. The apartments are well kept and clean and quiet. The staff are very friendly. Mrs. Patricia is the nicest person you could meet. I appreicate all the help she has given. I couldn't have stayed in a better place.

My girlfriend and I have lived here since July and we really like it here! The management is understanding, polite and friendly. The few issues we have had with our unit were fixed in a reasonable time period and I have always felt like any time I've reported problems that they have been addressed. I also enjoy the fenced parking and the "ticky tack" rules have been more beneficial than not. We never have to worry about being unable to sleep due to noise and don't have to worry about issues like smoke smell in our apartment or outside of it. The value is great and most of our neighbors have always been very friendly. Sometimes kids will be playing a little too crazy unattended but that is a reasonable tradeoff for apartment living. Plenty of room to walk our dogs and they supply the poop bags so it's a win/win!

I've lived in Country park villas for about 3 years and I've lived peacefully the time I've been here. Yes the community has several rules, examples:you can not drink alcohol out side your apartment, you cannot smoke inside the property the children can not ride their bicycles inside the property (which i remember reading and signing in the contract), but if you ask me I like living in a property that has rules. Why would I want to live in a place that allows such things? It's not a prison as some make it sound, there are kids playing outside all day(there is even a playground for god's sake!) In every place I have lived iv'e always needed things fixed I may not get them done the minute I want them, but they sure as hell get done in a good time frame! I like that the manager and workers are family and live in the property so I know that if i have no water, they don't either! hahaha... Wow! the reviews some people write are so rude. If you have something to say about the property okay, but why the name calling? really? are we 8 years old. I guess everyone has there opinion, but it says a lot about a person.

Good apartments great price for what is offered. Only bad thing was that I had an experience with some newly weds that just didn't get the fact that they had neighbors next to their bedroom. it was a bit uncomfortable..they also had parties every weekend. Thankfully the manager was great and took care of it promptly they were only here for like 4 months....